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Psychotherapy and Mental Health Medication Management & Prescribing


Caring for People

Medication Management is a collaborative process based on your symptoms, previous medication trials and many years of experience in multiple setting. We will work together on the full remission of your symptoms so that you can enjoy your life, your work and your relationships again.

I believe we all deserve the capacity to be fully ourselves. Medication, if necessary, can help us attain this capacity. The combination of psychotherapy and medications is the “gold standard” for the treatment of psychiatric illness. If you already have a psychotherapist, I will work with that person collaboratively to assure the most effective resolution of your issues.

My goal for your treatment is the resolution of painful symptoms, improvement in your quality of life and increased enjoyment and pleasure.




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Areas of Practice

Medication evaluation

Includes most difficult symptoms; past medication trials; medical history; allergies; family history. I will need your permission to contact previous providers. This procedure is a 1 hour and 15 minute session.


Discussion of history, trauma history, emotional resources, relationships in your life. If you are already in therapy, I will happily work with you and your therapist and focus on medications and physical issues.

Medication management

Includes a review of symptoms, side effects, and any needed adjustments. Remember that medication management is a collaboration and not something I do to you.


After a 40+ year career, I have worked in almost every setting including state hospitals, medical hospitals, prison and parole settings, domestic violence work, private practice, mental health centers, residential settings.   I graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and from Yale University with a Master of Science in psychiatric nursing.  I am certified by the American Nurses Association as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse.  I am licensed to prescribe psychotropic medicines.  I have been published:  2 self-help books.  My work is direct and honest collaborative, ethical care.

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